FAQ for our Photo Booth Rental

Q: Do you need a deposit to reserve the photo booth?
A: Yes. We require a $200.00 deposit to book your event. The remaining balance is due at least 14 days prior to your event.

Q: Does the rental price include set up and delivery or is that extra?
A: Our rental charge includes delivery, set up, breakdown, the onsite attendant, etc. There is no extra fee.

Q: Do I get to keep the images from the photo booth after the event? 
A: Each group using the photo booth receives 1 photo strip as they exit the booth.  A second duplicate strip is put into a Guest Book to be given to customer at the end of the event.  A cd of the photos will also be sent to the customer.  We also have a secure area on our web site that you can go to and download any of the photos after the event.

Q: Do you need anything from me on the day of the event?
A: We need a standard power outlet within 15 feet of where the photo booth will be, and level ground to set up on.

Q: What if someone takes an inappropriate picture?
A: We do review the pictures before posting them online. Also, if you or anyone sees one they would like removed, let us know and we can do this right away.

Q: How big is your photo booth?
A: The dimensions are 5’ wide X 61/2’ long x 8’ high